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Make an honest, sustainable profit...

Individual users are moving away from corporate-controlled "social" media, but where does that leave the businesses, charities, and so on, that those individuals choose to spend their money?

Remember when you went to that local business, anonymously, to use their service for the first time? You didn't know them, they didn't know you. Eventually, after repeat visits (mutual satisfaction), the customer offered her/his name, the proprietor as well and a trusted relationship began. This service is an attempt to replicate that in the internet age...

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Welcome to Hubzilla, a system of de-centralised identities. Please look at the web site for more information. By the way, 'diaspora*' is a part of the "Fediverse" of de-centralised social media networks. An account on a Hubzilla "hub" may be able to post content to other social media platforms. Register below to find out more! :)


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London secondary school teacher by day, open source software enthusiast during those brief spare times.